The vast majority of the refugees in Turkey are women and children. A large proportion of them have no income. With these people often being single mothers, economic independence is a struggle. Thus, Imece Inisiyatifi decided to create a program to open a new door for refugee women​​.

In 2018, we launched the Solar Age Project, which aims to empower refugee women, make them financially independent, and give them guidance for better integration into the Turkish society. In this program, refugee women are producing the ​Energy ​​for ​​Everyone ​​(EFE)​​ device, which is powered by solar energy. This tool seeks to help displaced people in their journey by lighting their way and serving as a battery bank for their mobile phones.

Designed for both life in the camps and long journeys, the​ Energy for Everyone​​ device will:

1. Provide​​ ​light​​ in the humanitarian crisis, where electricity access is often a struggle.

2. Provide a phone charger. Displaced people frequently stay without electricity access for weeks. With this device, they will be able to keep contact with their families and call rescue services in emergency situations.

3. Provide a good income for the Solar Ladies. ​​Imece Program will distribute part of the revenues coming from the ​EFE to the women creating them. The rest of the funds will be used to continue funding the program.

Energy for Everyone Project